Sculptured Solutions takes 3D printing the extra step to provide you, our customers with everything you need to make your 3D print. While most 3D printing services require that you provide them with an STL file of the part you want printed, sometimes getting there can be more complicated than you think.  Depending on the part or assembly, some models just are not practical to print as displayed. Sections may be too thin, details may be too small or unnecessary, or arrangements could be done more efficiently and could save you money. Our goal is not just to print what is provided for us at arms length, but to meet with you in person or by phone if distance makes impractical, and discuss with you the options and requirements necessary to make your idea a reality.  

Here is what separates us from other service:

-We have many years of equipment and machinery design experience. We have been in your shoes and can see where you are coming from. We have been employed by companies such as Suncor, Rolls Royce and other industrial firms, and know what is required to design specialized machinery as well as production line equipment. 

-We have years of experience using parametric CAD software, such as Solidworks, Solid Edge, ProEng, AutoCAD and others.

-We've been business owners in the past and now, and know the importance of budgeting and planning.

Steps we can provide:

1- Meet with you in person or by phone, to discuss and plan your 3D printing ideas. Not just at arms length web page company that you don't meet or get to know.

2- Suggest ways to strengthen or lighten your production line jigs and fixture parts by using methods made available by 3D additive manufacturing  technology

3- Suggest ways to save your files in other software formats that we can simplify or reduce in complexity for scaled display model purposes

4- Break  assemblies into manageable and 3D printable sub-assemblies to be fastened together to produce the final scaled model.

5- Assess STL file you provide and determine best 3D printing orientation to maximize strength as per your application. Possibly offer methods to alter design to increase strength and durability.

6- Assist in providing or creating the final 3D printing file through all the steps required from your 3D CAD file format. We could even use your 2D drawing file whether in CAD or hard copy, and create a 3D model. Your verification of our accurate reproduction and a sign-off would be required in these instances. 

We are here to be an extension of your company and to see your business succeed !!

Steps Between Your Idea and a 3D Printed Part

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