Professional 3D Printing



  • Sculptured Solutions Ltd. is a  dedicated 3D Printing Service located in Calgary Alberta, Canada. 

  • We provide 3D printing services to create those unique solutions for your production line, QA department and assembly challenges.

  • 3D printing offers the ability to create difficult shapes which by other manufacturing methods can be very expensive, time consuming or impossible to make.

  • Additive manufacturing vs subtractive manufacturing, allows you to sculpt objects that can be lighter and easier to make.

  • Prototypes can be made relatively quickly and inexpensively so you can try out those ideas which can then be tested, changed and remade if required until you are satisfied that it is just what you want.

  • We offer 3D printing ideas and best practices in order to craft the end product that works for you.


Jigs and Fixtures

Your production line requires positioning and assembly of your product. 3D printing opens up affordable and unique solutions to design and build intricate jigs and fixtures to fasten or hold that part.  Sometimes in difficult attitudes. 
Robots also require end of arm tooling which can be costly to machine. 3D printing can produce complex shapes easily and often more affordable.  Non-marring jaws can be made to contour complex shapes allowing parts to be held securely.

QA Supports

QA staff use support fixtures to position your product during quality control inspection. 3D printed fixtures can be created to orient and securely hold your product for QA measurements in repeatable and stable positions. Fixtures can be customized easily to fit those parts that are difficult to handle.

Welding Fixtures & Jigs

Holding that piece in just the right position during welding sometime requires a third hand. You can only bend your arms and fingers in so many angles while standing on your head. 3D printed objects can be that third , fourth and fifth hand and stand on its head as well, to hold those difficult weld assemblies in just the right place.

Machinery Setup

Setting up equipment on your line requires measurements and calibrations. 3D printing can produce fixtures and gauges to reduce setups. Operations that you may perform on a routine basis can be simplified by providing simple tools, jigs and gauges which can be used over and over.

Equipment Repair

Equipment can break down at the worst times resulting in downtime while waiting for a part. 3D printing can produce some of these parts to keep the line going until the part arrives, or even in place of the broken part.

Rapid Prototyping

3D printing can produce some amazing models of that new tool assembly you'd like to introduce to the market or use in your tool lineup or your clients new house or building, as a scaled model. Models and prototypes allow a quick way to see and hold something in your hands before going to tooling.


  • Do you use jigs or fixtures on your operations to hold your products together during assembly?

  • Is your product shape unique and challenging to secure, making fixtures or end of arm tooling expensive to manufacture?

  • Do you often create welded assemblies that require components to be positioned and held in place before tacking?

  • Do you require holding and support jigs for your product during quality control measurements?

  • Are there special setup that you perform on a routine basis, that could be quicker if you used setup blocks, jigs and gauges?

  • Would you like to see a prototype model of an expensive tool or structure, that would allow you to perform some fit testing and limited pretesting before committing to the manufacturing cost?

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